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ICT Consultancy

Ninchitech provides various ICT consultancy services such as ICT departments set up, trainings, requirements gathering, on call and managed ICT services. This helps orginastions to consentrate on their core business while we handle the ICT services.


DHIS2 Consultancy

We have a team with years experince  and track record in DHIS2 setup and configuration for enhencing strategic information gathering, storage and dissermination to enable data based decision making for non govermental organisation programming.


Enterprise server configurations

With the increase in server requirements organisation will need to setup servers to handle on premises file management, employee management and various hevy computations that require server setup such windows or any linux distribution.

Software Engineering

Ninchitech has experience in custome software development for various industries such as health care, insurance, finance, eduction and retail. We provide mobile and web applications development using modern and secure project management agle approach. We also provide integration services to enable smooth business workflows.

Cyber security

Cybersecurity is an ongoing and evolving field, as new threats and vulnerabilities emerge regularly. It requires a comprehensive approach, involving technical solutions, robust policies and procedures, skilled professionals, and a proactive mindset to address the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.

call centre setup

We can assist goverments enties, coorperate and various organisations of any size to setup and run a 24×7 call center emergency systems that provides call logging, agency, IVR and case management.

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Server configuration
web development
software development

Enterprise server configurations

Data center setup (On premise, Private and hybrid cloud systems setup and migration).We work with various cloud vendors such as AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, GCE to set up different virtual machines to handle organisation workloads and assist organisation to migrate to cloud solutions in order to reduce ICT burden and manager costs. We also design, deploy and maintain private clouds for mission critical systems and high value systems for organisation that want to control infrastructure and systems internally.

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Intenet of things (Office and home automation)

IoT in home and office automation offers increased convenience, energy efficiency, security, and productivity by interconnecting devices and systems, allowing users to remotely control and monitor various aspects of their environments. Ninchitech offers various home and office automation solutions using Iot to enable monitory and automation of tedious tasks.

Data science and Busines Intelligent services

Data science and business intelligent has been very crucial in business and utilisation of data to gain  compentative advantage or to improve services and product delivery. Ninchitech offers data modelling, reports templates and business intelligent services to spring boot organisations in their crucial day to day business decisions.

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